Accessory feed pump for various applications

In many biopharmaceutical or chemical development processes, lab work can be greatly enhanced by the availability of small form-factor, high reliability accessory feed pumps purpose-designed for reliability and accuracy.

Flexible compact feed pump for lab environments

The Flownamics FP-101 is an accessory feed pump that has been designed to be used with a wide range of applications such as automated bioreactor feedback control, continuous set point control, or manual feed additions.

The FP-101 has an 114DV flip top four-roller pump head, which makes installing tubing quick and easy, saving time with setup.

Measuring only 9.5cm x 12cm x 16cm and weighing just 600g, this small-footprint pump is ideal for already crowded benchtops.

Enhanced features includes one-button priming, user-set manual speed control via easy-to-use dial, or fully automatic remote control using 0-5V input.

FP-101 can be used with tubing from 0.5mm to 4.8mm internal diameter, and flow rates can be controlled from 0.1ml/min to 150ml/min


  • Small form factor pump ideal for lab conditions or where space is a premium
  • Easy to load, prime and control
  • Manual and remote control is possible
  • Wide range of flow rates for maximum flexibility
  • 24V DC operation via external power supply (100-120 VAC and 220-240 VAC options available)

Not sure this is the right equipment for you? Read more about bioreactor sampling here, or get in touch with us so we can discuss a solution together. You can also have a look at our equipment for biopharmaceuticals or measurement & control. 

Flownamics ( was founded in 1995 and since then the company develops new technologies for bioprocess sampling, automation and control. Flownamics provides high quality products that address the needs of fermentation and bioreactor operators in the biotechnology industry.



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