Advanced residual liquid inspection system

Advanced and easy to use inspection system that eliminates the risk of residual liquid, water or leftover drink in recycled bottles.

State of the art bottle inspection for residual caustic solutions

The core competence of the Miho LC 2 is the inspection of bottles for residual water in a particular caustic solution. The inspection process involves a high-level of differentiation and precision. Even if the bottles are just wetted with a caustic solution they are detected as being faulty but any amount of residual water within millimetre range will be tolerated, depending upon the parameter settings.

This Advanced residual liquid inspection system also inspects other facilities in addition to the caustic solution inspection, such as metal detection for the bottle-cap or base.


  • Metal detection for the bottle-cap or base
  • High level of differentiation and precision
  • Inspection of bottles
  • Bottles wetted within millimeter range can be tolerated

Miho ( offers solutions for all inspection processes for the automated filling process of drinks, the complete monitoring of the filling line and an extensive quality control system for the product.

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