Automatic Paint Can Sealer

If you need to cap containers of paint, glues, solvents and are currently manually placing the lids, you will benefit from an automatic denester and placement machine. Purpose-designed denester sealers increase your line efficiency and reduce costs compared to manual alternatives.

Automatic lid placement and sealing with width and height adjustment

The Denester from CMI Industries is designed specifically for automatic placement and closing of metal lids used on containers of paint, glue, and solvents.

Ideal as a replacement for manual or semi-automatic lidding, the Denester features several innovations that improve your line efficiency, including optional electric height and width adjustment for rapid product changeover.

Lids are stacked vertically, then automatically denested and placed on the container. A pneumatic cylinder stops filled containers in the right place, and photocells ensure that lids are not released unless a container is present. Similarly, the container is held in place if no lid is detected in the denester, holding the line until the stock of lids is replenished.

Once the lid has been positioned, the container is released to the closure station, where pressure is applied to seal the lid.


  • Increase efficiency by moving to a fully automatic lidding system
  • Photocell control ensures no lids are missed
  • Flexible to handle both metal and plastic lids
  • Option fully electric adjustment of width and height for rapid format changes
  • Large capacity hopper for nested lids maximises time between replenishment

CMI Industries ( designs and manufactures high quality processing and packaging machines for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, edible and chemical products.

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