Batch cooker for hard candy

Prepare your ingredients for production of hard candy. This is a line of universal candy cookers for production of hard and soft candies. The line includes batch cookers with manually fed raw ingredients (TBK-50) as well as fully automatic continuous cookers with batch-wise output. Up to 1,300 kg/h are possible (TBK-1300). TBK cookers are designed to fit a wide variety of customer process needs.

Consistent and efficient continuous batch cooking

The TBK line from Ter Braak is a batched output cooking system with continuous or batched raw material input for production of both hard and soft confectionery products. The batched input models (TBK-50 and TBK-50/50) consist of a jacketed boiling pan for steam heating, stirrers, a vacuum head, and a tilt-turn output pan. Continuous input models (TBK-750 and TBK-1300) feature a highly controllable steam heated coil cooking system and fully automatic batch output. These cookers are optimized for slurry input of basic raw materials from Ter Braak’s Coolmix system, but TBK-50 includes an opening for manual introduction of raw materials. Control and integration options exist for PLC systems as- well-as highly automated Supervisory, control and data acquisition (SCADA) for complete system optimization.


  • Continuous batched output from 200 to 1300 kg/h
  • Footprint: 1.75M x 1.2M (TBK-50); 2.05M x 1.25M (TBK-50/50); 1.4M x 2.9M (TBK-750 and TBK-1300)
  • Highly flexible output
  • Precise heat management and substrate temperature control

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