Batch Liquid Conche

The conching process is the process of redistributing the fat phase and the substances from the dry cocoa that create flavor. The process is so important to the final texture and flavor of chocolate, manufacturers keep the details of their conching process proprietary.

Energy efficient conching and vaporizing

The Batch Liquid Conche TC of Royal Duyvis Wiener is a machine that takes care of the conching chocolate process which consists in mixing and vaporizing to produce a rich chocolate with an excellent taste.

The conche scrapes the surface of the batch with its agitator arm that evenly distributes the chocolate improving the viscosity of your product due to the addition of shear stress. Particles are thereby polished and evenly distributed resulting in a rich flavour development. Combined with an efficient thin film evaporator moisture and off-flavours are removed by blasting hot air through a thin layer of product.


  • Optimum conching effect
  • Improved viscosity due to the addition of shear stress
  • Efficient removal of moisture and off-flavours
  • Easy to install in your existing production line on a storage tank
  • All components in contact with your product are manufactured from stainless steel

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