Benchtop tablet press

For lab work or small-scale production, a purpose-designed tablet press that meets your exact requirements offers distinct benefits in terms of economic production and product quality. Ease of use, the ability to quickly change tablet form and size, and robust construction are all qualities that will enhance your lab or small batch process.

Flexible, single-punch tablet machine for lab-scale operations

The CPR 1 tablet machine from Multigel is the ideal small solution for producing up to 6,500 tablets per hour. It uses a robust continual motion and mechanical cam drive system which is reliable and robust.

Compounds are placed in the upper hopper where a tube transports it via gravity to the crucible. The punch then compresses the powder into the tablet form and ejects it into a receiving receptacle. All product-contacting parts are constructed from AISI 316 stainless. The tablet punch is adjustable, allowing tablets from 6mm up to 14mm to be produced.

CPR 1 has been designed for ease of use and simple changeover. Moving between round, oval or oblong punches is straightforward and quick, maximising efficiency.

The small form-factor and single-phase electricity supply requirements mean the CPR 1 is suitable for the smallest of labs and has no special installation requirements.


  • Lab-scale tablet press with robust, high-quality construction for longevity
  • No special installation, single-phase electricity only required
  • Adjustable tablet diameter and variety of punch shapes for flexibility
  • Simple control with in-built counter for accurate batch monitoring
  • Product contact pathway all stainless steel for easy cleaning


Multigel produces a wide range of machines for production of capsules and tablets, creams and oitments production.

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