Big scale chocolate spinner

For larger production capacities of chocolate hollow figures.

Start producing a wide range of chocolate hollow figures in large scale

The COLLMANN 4905 from Hacos is a 20 arm spinner for chocolate hollow figures. Independent spinning movement for perfectly even wall thickness. It comprises 20 magnetic brackets and a ventilator.

This chocolate spinner has a very stable construction and offers an adjustable vibrating function; 20 or 40 moulds can be spun at the same time, the maximum mould size: 560 x 340 mm.


  • 20 or 40 moulds can be spun at the time
  • Maximum mould size: 560 x 340 mm
  • Adjustable vibrating function
  • Ventilator
  • Very stable construction

Hacos designs, develops, builds and installs machines for chocolate processing. From moulding and tempering to enrobing machines and cooling tunnels, spinning machines, including all peripheral equipment. Hacos specialises in the middle range capacities: Semi-automatic but still very flexible chocolate machines.