Cake batter dosing machine

High precision machines are essential to ensure a consistent dough mix pours into a mould. The finished product must also create a professional impression when taken from the mould after baking. Moreover, the flavouring must be evenly distributed so every cake in a batch tastes exactly the same.

A Nozzle Doser for Consistent Appearance and Taste

The Trivi DGS nozzle doser can feed products with a single dough type, two different colours, or marbled products. This choice enables the user to process multiple cakes on a single machine, while meeting highly diverse shape and size specifications.

Automation enables high production rates while accommodating all types of cake recipes, including sponge, cassata, and gateau. The DGS nozzle doser produces uniform-colour doughs, as well as two different colours and marbled effects.

The dosers and injectors can deliver dual flavours, while baking with or without cups are both possible. Product feeding is uniform even with solid ingredients, while a jacketed hopper ensures constant product temperature.


  • Produce different cakes on the same machine
  • Automated operation speeds recipe changing
  • Doser feeds single, dual, or marbled doughs
  • Textures and flavours are evenly distributed
  • Pumping system makes piston cleaning easier


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