Case packer

Are you packing square or stack-able products into corrugated cases? An automated case packer will increase productivity and can eliminate product damage when placing your products into the case.

Most efficient case packer for square and stack-able products

Lantech Case Packers come in different configurations depending on your requirements. Pick & place and top loading configurations can easily run up to 25 cycles per minute and Lantech can also offer side loading solutions that run up to 12 cycles per minute. The machines can be outfitted to rotate, tilt, or tip products and will create packing patterns based on your requirements.

The precision case management system controls the case as it moves through the erecting and sealing process. The control system prevent jams and product damage and guarantees square cases. The modular nature of the Lantech range ensures a competitive price and short delivery times.


  • Machine configuration can rotate tilt or tip products
  • No jams, square cases
  • Eliminates product damage when placing it in case
  • Transparent safety shields and safety curtains protect operators from mechanical components
  • Electrical interlock switches shut down the machine when a door is opened

Lantech is a world leading manufacturer of stretch wrappers and case erectors.

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