Cocoa cooler

The roasting time is as important to the roasting process as the temperature. Beans left in the roaster for cooling can get scorched or over-roasted due to prolonged heat exposure.

Cool roasted beans for a perfect roast

The Cocoa Cooler from JAF INOX gives you increased control over the roasting process. Discharging the roasted beans into a cooler stops the roasting. This also makes the roaster available for the next batch effectively increasing the roasting capacity. The cooler has a stainless steel construction and fits easily below the roaster. The cooler shaft has a 0.33hp drive and the exhaustion system is powered by a 1.0hp engine. PT-100 sensors provide continuous monitoring of product temperature through a digital display.


  • Prevent over-roasting of beans
  • Increase roasting capacity
  • Save energy in the roaster
  • Enhanced flavor through exhaustion of moisture and volatiles
  • Corrosion free, stainless steel construction

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