Combiplast | Box Erector and Bag Inserter

If you are looking to improve your throughput and eliminate labor associated with manual box erecting and bag inserting, a smart automation is exactly what you need, that way both tasks will be successfully accomplished at once.

Box erector and bag inserter with cutting-edge technology in one compact solution

The CombiPlast case/box erector with bag inserter by Niverplast combines box erecting and bag inserting technology in one compact solution with the ability to speed up to 16 boxes per minute.

Prefabricated, easy-open bags, with a possible thickness down to 10 μm, are placed tightly in the erected boxes. Bags are perfectly suited for all the box sizes. Thanks to the easy visualization of warnings and machine functions of the Box erector and bag Inserter, the CombiPlast is very easy to maintain and operate.


  • Up to 15 boxes per minute
  • Two sided blank opening ensuring a square box
  • Handles prefabricated EasyOpen bags down to 10 μm (in case sealing is not necessary)
  • Easy and very simple to operate
  • 24 hours non-stop production
  • Quick box size change over
  • Add and adjust recipes for each box size
  • Left- or righthanded version
  • On-screen HD visualisation of warnings and possible machine functions
  • Reliable, low maintenance, cost efficient
  • Operates stand-alone as well as in any automatic production line
  • Custom built possibilities on request

Niverplast specializes in Bag in Box solutions