Continuous cooker for hard candy

Prepare your ingredients for hard candy production. This is a continuous dissolving, cooking and vacuum plant for hard candy substrate production with varying levels of automation available.

Consistent and efficient preparation of hard candy substrates

The TBK-C line from Ter Braak is a continuous cooking system with output levels of 300 to 1800 kg/h of substrate mass for hard candies. The system consists of one or two cooking coils in a chamber for steam heating. Varying coil diameter and stainless steel pumps with variable speed drives are used to ensure consistent substrate flow and smooth, even cooking without surging. The system’s vacuum chamber includes carefully designed evaporation surfaces and head space to maximize efficiency of the extraction pump. The TBK-C is part of Ter Braak’s line of continuous hard candy processing equipment that has developed a strong international reputation for product quality and strong technical support to field applications. Control and integration options exist for PLC systems as well as highly automated supervisory, control and data acquisition (SCADA).


  • Continuous output from 300 to 1,800 kg/h
  • Total footprint of 3.3M x 2.5M x 3.7M height
  • Max. cooking steam consumption from 325 to 820 kg/h at 10 bar max pressure
  • Closed loop cooling water system for vacuum pump is available

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