Continuous liquid conche

For thin film treatment of chocolate, compound, and cocoa masses.

Saves on time, energy and space

The Liquid Conche (CLC) from Royal Duyvis Wiener has been specially developed for thin film treatment of chocolate, compound, and cocoa masses. The two main functions of its conching process are: the thermal degasification and the mechanical shearing stress. Both functions are carried out in the reactor in the thinly spread mass layer.

The Continuous Liquid Conche is a standalone unit and therefore easily integrated, making it an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade their chocolate processing lines


  • Compact size and continuous process, helps saving time, energy and space
  • Easy to use with good control
  • Simple, fully automatic operation
  • Requires minimal amount of space, no foundations required
  • Flexible in terms of recipes and product composition

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