Convection oven for granola

For high quality granola products, a perfect bake is required for optimum colour, taste and mouthfeel. High capacity ovens can provide a variable temperature profile causing an unstable cooking environment. A dedicated high capacity convection oven designed specifically for granola products will enhance your product quality and allow for fast baking at reduced power consumption.

Energy-saving oven for baking quality granola products

The Baker Perkins TruBake oven for granola has been specifically designed to provide a superior baking environment. The use of an enhanced direct convection system allows for precision control of temperature and a superior temperature stability curve across the baking cycle.

By increasing the volume and velocity of the convection air, the TruBake achieves perfect results at a lower temperature than traditional oven. This means an overall reduction in energy costs with no impact on the quality of the final product.

High pressure plenums above and below the baking belt ensure totally even distribution across the full width. To prevent uneven effects at the belt edge, adjustable shutters on the plenums allow for fine adjustment and control at these crucial areas.

The TruBake is completely controlled from a single easy-to-use HMI touchscreen which offers total recipe control and a full visualisation of the baking process. Designed with hygiene in mind, the TruBake provides full access to every part of the baking chamber for ease of cleaning, as well as excellent clearance under the baking belt for access to the floor area.


  • Designed specifically for granola to achieve perfect results
  • Forced air convection for superb, even baking
  • Economical design gives excellent quality for reduced energy consumption
  • Easy to operate and clean to minimise downtime

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