Distributor of samples to different devices

The ability to expand your automatic sampling solution provides increased flexibility and improved return on investment for your system. The addition of a precise sample distributor with enhanced features allows samples to be sent to an extended range of analyzers or other equipment.

Enhanced sample distribution accessory for Seg-Flow automated samplers

The Flownamics Sample-Mod 300 is an enhanced accessory that complements the popular Seg-Flow line of automated samplers.

Sample-Mod 300 allows for distribution of samples to a further 4 devices using a single-use fluid path via a zero dead volume syringe. It’s been engineered to deliver maximum precision.

The Sample-Mod enables sample dilution, including serial dilution, and also allows for reagent addition for sample preparation.

New for 2018 – ultrasonic sensor for enhanced precision.


  • Allows dilution and reagent addition distributing samples to 4 destinations, allowing more complex analysis
  • Zero dead volume syringe for perfect accuracy
  • Ultrasonic sensor for increased precision
  • Single use fluid path for low maintenance and ease of use

Not sure this is the right equipment for you? Read more about bioreactor sampling here, or get in touch with us so we can discuss a solution together. You can also have a look at our equipment for biopharmaceuticals or measurement & control. 

Flownamics (http://www.flownamics.com) was founded in 1995 and since then the company develops new technologies for bioprocess sampling, automation and control. Flownamics provides high quality products that address the needs of fermentation and bioreactor operators in the biotechnology industry.



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