Empty bottle height sorting system

An empty bottle sorting system that uses the light barrier technology. It detects bottles with a different height and rejects them.

Sort different heights, spot lying bottles and bottle breakages

The Unicon 3 from Miho is a bottle sorting system that uses the light barrier technology. The reject system detects bottles with different heights and bottle breakages and initiates their rejection even through different reject systems if it is required.

This Empty bottle height sorting system, can be utilized as an in-feed inspection unit to avoid any interruptions in the filling process and possible damage to the machines.


  • Inspection of the height of the bottles
  • Can be used as an in feed inspection unit before inspection machine
  • Extensive and differentiated fault visualization system
  • High level of user comfort

Miho (https://www.miho.de/) offers solutions for all inspection processes for the automated filling process of drinks, the complete monitoring of the filling line and an extensive quality control system for the product.

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