Flexible contained powder discharge into FIBC’s

Flexible intermediate bulk containers known as FIBC’s are commonly used in a wide variety of industrial processes. The pharmaceutical and bioprocess industries; however, require a higher degree of containment and a more carefully designed container.   Experienced biopharmaceutical manufacturers know that equipment designed for general industry use often falls short and rigid containment and transfer solutions for the biotech industry are often awkward and inefficient. Producers that embrace flexible solutions designed specifically for the challenges of our industry will find an advantage over competitors.

A bulk transport and storage bag with superior product containment

ILC Dover is an industry leader in contained material handling solutions for high tech manufacturers and end users including NASA.  For transport and storage of bulk materials of a potentially more hazardous nature, the company has developed a bulk bag system with superior containment characteristics.  Traditional FIBC’s often do not provide enough containment for use in the pharmaceutical and bioprocess industries.  Their use in these industries can cause, compromised facility cleanliness, cross contamination, and risk of employee exposure to unnecessary hazards.  The G2PAC system from ILC Dover provides the same benefits as traditional FIBC’s like integrated lifting features and a 35” cubed size for easy use with standard pallets.  However, this system also includes features that make it much more effective at containing products during transfer and storage.  An inner liner is included made of ILC Dover’s ArmorFlex material that includes sleeves which are clamped to interfacing process equipment ensuring containment during transfer.  Individual sleeves are included to support both charging and off loading operations.  The system can achieve containment levels down to 100ug/m^3 on an 8 hour TWA.


  • Economical, easy to use containment similar to widely used FIBC’s

  • Sized for use with standard pallets

  • Integrated sleeves clamp directly to interfacing process equipment

  • Uses durable Armorflex liner which is used for a wide variety of containment solution in biotech industries

ILC Dover (http://www.ilcdover.com/) supports pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical customers with disposable systems engineered to contain powder transfers from cGMP to nanogram levels.

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