Fluidized bed opposed jet mills

Fluidized Bed Opposed Jet Mills rely purely on particle-to-particle attrition in the center of a fluidized bed of material; this is achieved by focusing in compressed gas nozzles into the milling chamber which accelerates the particles to produce collisions where energy is released causing particle breakdown.

Maximum fineness with the highest product purity

The Fluidized Bed Opposed Jet Mill AFG from Hosokawa Alpine is used for manufacturing powders with a steep particle size distribution and sharp top size limitation in the range < 5 µm to 200 µm; maximum fineness values at maximum product purity. Such particle sizes can only be obtained in connection with an air classifying step. Fluidized bed opposed jet mills are equipped with a dynamic deflector-wheel classifier.

Even difficult products can be processed efficiently with the AFG jet mills. Heat-sensitive materials such as toner, resin, wax, fat, ion exchangers, plant protectors, dyestuffs and pigments; highly pure materials where the requirement is contamination-free processing such as fluorescent powders, silica gel, silica, special metals, ceramic raw materials, pharmaceuticals.


  • Monobloc ceramic classifying wheels ensure minimum wear when processing abrasive product
  • Lining: PU, ceramic or special-grade steel to suit the product
  • Stainless steel or mild steel, Ni alloy
  • Selective milling, semi-batch mode, automatic quality control for high quality. Explosion-pressure-shock-proof to 10 bar (g) with type test certificate as defined in 94/9/EC

Hosokawa Alpine (www.hosokawa-alpine.com) offers comminution technology for the production of powders, particles and bulk materials: from mills and classifiers to complete turnkey systems. For R&D and laboratory applications, as well as for industrial production. Tailor-made solutions for powder and particle processing in the chemicals industry, for paints and pigments, mineral raw materials and metals, pharmaceutics and cosmetics, foodstuffs and animal feed, and for industrial recycling.

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