Full crate inspection system

State of the art crate inspection system that uses a laser camera system to see if the bottles are present and if the trays are fully packed.

Adapt your crate inspection to different crates and bottle types

The Full crate inspection system from Miho VC 2 inspects bottle crates after the packer to see if all bottles are present and if the trays are fully packed. It is especially distinguished by a performance spectrum not yet known concerning, for example, different crates and bottle-types.

The Miho VC 2 can achieve this maximum level of versatility and flexibility due to a completely newly developed camera laser system (which is subject to patent). Further advantages are (compared to inspection systems that work with sensors or by using the traditional method with cameras): a further increase in the level of reliability and the maximum comfort concerning operation and maintenance.


  • Inspects crates of bottles after packing
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Reliability

Miho (https://www.miho.de/) offers solutions for all inspection processes for the automated filling process of drinks, the complete monitoring of the filling line and an extensive quality control system for the product.

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