GMP laboratory freeze dryer

freeze dryer designed for aseptic and small-scale production of high-value products

Industrial freeze dryer in a compact envelope

Lyotris from Telstar Life-Sciences is a lab scale production freeze dryer designed for the production of small batches of high-value pharmaceutical products. With a 1m2 loading surface and capacity for approximately 1,600 10R-type vials or 30 liters of bulk product. It has been specially designed for aseptic production in vials or in bulk and its novel fascia and door design provides easy isolator integration.

The GMP laboratory freeze dryer comes with all  the necessary components for an automatic cleaning (CIP) and steam sterilization (SIP) processes, filter integrity testing (WIT) and also incorporates an advanced SCADA system which includes Telstar’s patented ‘Lyometrics’ system; providing advanced real-time information on the freeze-drying process.


  • Manufactured to reach GMP
  • Automatic cleaning (CIP) and steam sterilization (SIP) processes
  • Provides advanced real-time information on the freeze-drying process
  • Capacity for approximately 1,600 10R-type vials
  • Combines industrial equipment specification and performance and small-batch flexibility in a compact envelope

Telstar Life Science Solutions designs and manufactures GMP lyophilizers with integrated automatic loading/unloading systems, equipment for contamination control and production of water for injection and pure steam, moist heat autoclaves, dry heat ovens, water stills, pure steam generators, industrial down-flow booths, containment isolators and weighing cabinets.

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