High-sensitivity metal detection system

Highly efficient metal detector with enhanced quality control and reporting capabilities.

Even inexperienced operators can easily perform daily operation checks

During an in-house comparison, the high-sensitivity dual wave (duw-h) series of Anritsu supported three times better detection sensitivity in terms of S/N ratio and increased the detection of contaminants by two ranks. This higher sensitivity and stability was achieved by optimizing the algorithm for the new head on this metal detector. The duw-h series heads are vibration and electric noise resistant.

The duw-h series has three types to choose from with numerous models in each category type, including the following:

KD810: B with a pass width of 210 mm, this model is ideal for contaminant detection in individually packaged small products.

KD811: B with a pass width of 300 mm, this model is ideal for contaminant detection in general and aluminum-metallized-packaging products.

KD812: B with a pass width of 450 mm, the new head is resistant to environmental changes and is ideal for inspecting wider products.


  • Step-by-step on screen instructions to easily perform daily operation checks
  • Production status is displayed in real time
  • This series supports three times better signal to noise ratio
  • Option for barcode reader is present

Anritsu Industrial solutions (http://www.anritsu-industry.com/) designs and manufactures inspection, weighing equipment and production management systems for food and pharmaceutical production lines

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