Industrial heat pump dryer

The drying of extruded products is highly energy-demanding in traditional belt dryers that use gas or steam. A sustainable solution is reducing TCO (total cost of ownership) and energy consumption for e.g. the evaporated water, by making this process 100% electric. The production of ​high moisture uniformity is thus used in the aquafeed and pet food industry, maximizing output while minimizing costs.

Save energy​ ​and reduce TCO while drying extruded products

Geelen Counterflow’s hybrid gas dryer is an electric dryer which increases the efficiency of the drying process by recovering energy from the exhaust air. This is achieved by passing the warm wet air through an energy recovery unit, where cold water from ​an electric heat pump triggers condensation, thereby recovering energy and transferring it to the water travelling back towards the heat pump. Thus, the equipment allows you to run the ​entire dryer on electricity instead of gas or steam​. Unlike crossflow dryers that typically consume 2700kJ of energy per litre of water, this electric version with counterflow technology can achieve the same under 1000kJ. Also, an optional hybrid configuration provides a temperature ‘boost’ function for higher drying air requirements as well as being a redundancy heat source.


  • The recovery of water reduces net energy consumption by 65%.
  • Elimination of CO2 emissions during the drying process by using renewable electricity.
  • Hybrid configurations allow optimising drying costs as a function of energy prices.

Geelen Counterflow exclusively designs, builds and installs counterflow dryers and coolers for feed and food products.

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