Larger versatile cooling belt for chocolates

Versatile cooling system for enrobed or deposited products.

Flexibly cool different chocolate products

The EBELT from Hacos is a cooling belt for chocolate products. This cooling tunnel can be used in combination with HE and ROBY enrobers, as well as for depositors. It can be set up from 320-820 mm working width.

Hygienic design, with opening covers and side doors. This belt offers a capacity of between 100 to 500 Kg/h and an electronic command panel with a digital thermostat.

Available with convection-only cooling for fillings or compounds, or with combined convection, radiation and contact cooling for real chocolate applications.
Standard automatic belt-guiding and belt tensioning. Available with adjustable nose for easy integration in enrobing lines.


  • Versatile cooling system
  • Can be used in combination with HE and ROBY enrobers, as well as for depositors
  • Hygienic design
  • Capacity of between 100 to 500 Kg/h
  • Electronic command panel with a digital thermostat

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Hacos designs, develops, builds and installs machines for chocolate processing. From moulding and tempering to enrobing machines and cooling tunnels, spinning machines, including all peripheral equipment. Hacos specialises in the middle range capacities: Semi-automatic but still very flexible chocolate machines.

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