Modular case packer for automatic forming, loading and closing of cases

The SPIDER 200 is the ultimate packaging machine for your vertical packaging requirements. Its default configuration, the SPIDER 200, fully automates bag handling and the vertical loading process of cases and/or trays. It includes BPA’s robotic platform provided with dedicated handling parts to match your specific application, including our patented SmartTrak system for high speed bag pre-collation and end-effector.

The smart construction of this system significantly simplifies changeovers, making the SPIDER 200 easy to adapt to your future packing needs. Cases or trays are introduced to the SPIDER 200 manually, or pre-erect them automatically. This automated solution uses a smart transport system that suits any customer layout.

On top of all these highly innovative features, all configurations of the SPIDER 200 include an ergonomic and open design. This provides for easy access to the machine and creates maximum process overview. The robust construction is made from high quality components, to minimize maintenance needs and maximize the continuity of your packing process.

BluePrint Automation (BPA) supplies fully integrated, turnkey systems for applications to “load flexible bags and hard to handle packages into secondary containers, such as cases, trays, cartons, crates etc.” The total system takes control of the package as soon as it leaves the Form, Fill & Seal operation and can take it all the way through to (and even including) Palletizing.