Modular gravity case packer

This case packer packs a wide range of products like (frozen) potato products, (frozen) vegetable products, seeds, confectionery, pet food, shredded cheese, meat products, etc. with a speed of up to 150 bags per minute.

Gravity packer for free flowing, heavier packages

The BluePrint Automation MGC (Modular Gravity Case packer) packs almost any type of lay-down (horizontal) pattern. Ideal for frozen vegetables, granular products and other free flowing, heavier packages. It consists of a robust frame in which modules, each fulfilling its specific function, are grouped together. The case packing line is now composed by combining modules, thus meeting highly customized solutions by selecting standard modules only. This machine can pack any packing pattern, to optimize your case filling, allowing lengthwise and crosswise packing, single and multiple row filling.

Bag type: pillow bags four sided seal, Bag dimensions: min. 150 x 100 mm, max. 550 x 350 mm, Capacity: up to 150 bags per minute


  • Unique bag handling to optimize case filling
  • Ergonomic design for maximum process overview
  • Easy operation and quick change over
  • Reliable and maintenance friendly
  • Hygenic design for easy cleaning

BluePrint Automation (BPA) supplies fully integrated, turnkey systems for applications to “load flexible bags and hard to handle packages into secondary containers, such as cases, trays, cartons, crates etc.” The total system takes control of the package as soon as it leaves the Form, Fill & Seal operation and can take it all the way through to (and even including) Palletizing.