Moulding machine for bread sticks

Bread sticks are popular as an appetizer in restaurants, or as a starter served with prosciutto or topped with butter, garlic and cheese. Presentation is an all-important factor. The bread sticks must be consistently attractive with just the right crunchy texture.

Bread Stick Moulding Machine for Consistent Quality

The Trivi MGS moulding machine is the result of a journey started 65 years ago when the company started making breadsticks production equipment. Its engineers realised the secret lay in the dough recipe and the moulding process. Their specially developed method can produce breadsticks with perfect colour and texture after baking.

This machine rolls out 200 to 2,000 millimetre-wide dough sheets, and can produce 100 to 800 kilograms of product per hour. An automatic dough quantity adjuster in the extruder ensures consistent quality. Product length is fully adjustable and there is an optional cheese, grain or salt depositor.


  • 200 to 2,000 mm wide dough sheets /100 to 800 kg product per hour
  • Automatic dough quantity / optional cheese, grain or salt sprinkling
  • Fully adjustable product meets all customer length requirements
  • Quick product format system enables production of snacks


Trivi is an Italian company specialized in the manufacturing of a full range of machinery and equipment for the production of puff pastry, croissants, pizza, breadsticks, bread, flatbread and cakes.

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