Multipurpose and R&D freeze dryer

A multipurpose unit in the research and development field. Some of the most common applications are galenic formulation, freeze drying experimentation, taxidermy, underwater archaeology, aliquot preservation,  diagnosis and other research.

Start your research with this multipurpose high-performance device

The LyoQuest laboratory, multipurpose and R&D freeze dryer from Telstar Life-Sciences has been designed as a multipurpose unit for the research and development field. It is a small freeze dryer, more compact than most but in spite of its small size, its capacity is quite unbeatable. A state-of-the-art control system and a range of specially designed accessories make the LyoQuest a benchmark in its category.

The unit’s design offers the best performance in the least possible space. Suitable for laboratories: compact and easy to install, solidly designed laboratory equipment. On a functional level, cooling management ensures optimum performance.


  • Reliable operation: control system fully re-engineered with new options
  • Flexible use: with a touch screen user interface
  • Possibility to save the work carried out and to export data to other platforms (Excel) with the LyoLogger data acquisition software
  • Easy to clean
  • Chamber in AISI 316 stainless steel

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