Nut dicer

Dicing nuts can generate a large volume of wasteful and messy powdered nut residue.

Cube hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts and pistachios quickly and cleanly

With a high level of operating safety, Brunner Anliker’s KSM-N nut dicer is a progressive, technically mature product. Swiss made, it uses rotary cutters to slice the nuts into a consistent end product at a rate of up to 100 kilograms per hour. As with all Brunner Anliker equipment, the KSM-N complies with the most stringent safety aspects and is easy to operate and clean.


  • cut all types of nut cleanly
  • position mobile trolley table exactly where needed
  • operate continuously with no maintenance required
  • maintain hygiene standards with stainless steel construction

Brunner-Anliker is a leading manufacturer of machines for cutting, chopping, grating, grinding and declumping foodstuffs.

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