Nutsche filter

Suited for batch filtration of liquids having high solids content, especially when sophisticated treatment of the solids afterwards is intended. Widely used in pharmaceuticals, bio-materials, electronics grade materials, fine special chemicals and many others products.

Batch filtration of hazardous liquids

The agitator pressure filters from DVA Holland-Merten has been designed to carry out batch process of liquids having high solids content, such as filtration, agitation, washing, re-suspension, mixing, extraction, crystallization, drying and so on.

The liquid is separated mechanically through a porous layer (filter medium) either by means of vacuum or atmospheric pressure or with the help of pressure or a combination of vacuum and pressure.

A special agitator improves the effectiveness of the filtration and allows the solid material to be discharged mechanically. Since the bottom of the filter is horizontal, an even filter cake forms, ensuring the best possible dehydration of the solid material.


  • Process is carried out in a sealed system
  • Filter cake can be washed out intensively multiple times with various washing fluids while keeping fluid consumption to a minimum
  • Automatic discharge of solid matter by means of height-adjustable agitator and side discharge valve
  • Can be combined with various process steps
  • Easy to handle automatic feeding

Vacuum drum dryers and Nutsche filters