On-line fraction collector for off-line bioprocess analysis

Many bioprocesses require off-line analysis of samples to monitor development and optimise performance. By using an automated fraction collector, the collection process can be accelerated, as well as delivered with increased accuracy. Compatibility with automated reactor samplers is vital.

Automatically collect fractions from up to 8 reactor vessels

The Flownamics FlowFraction is used in conjunction with the Flownamics Seg-Flow sampling systems. It allows the on-line collection of fractions from up to eight reactor vessels for further off-line analysis of a range of bioprocesses.

The FlowFraction system is customisable to accommodate a variety of tube types and sizes, and can sample volumes from 250 µl to 50 ml. An added benefit is that vials can be equipped with a septum as a piercing option is available. For storage, racks in a range of standard sizes can be shipped with the FlowFraction, but custom rack sizes can also be produced to meet exact requirements.

To meet your requirements perfectly, a range of advanced options can be specified, including temperature control modules featuring peltier or water-based cooling systems, and by using the options Seg-Flow Sample module sample dilutions and reagent additions can be performed prior to vial deposits.

Thanks to the included Flownamics WebFlow software the interface allows easy control and capture of data with minimal operator training. Maintenance time is reduced thanks to all internal fluid paths being self-cleaned after each sample.


  • Sturdy, reliable and easy-to-use sampler increases productivity
  • Wide variety of custom configurations available to meet your exact needs
  • Multi-rack collection systems allows use with a range of tube and vial sizes
  • Sample collection completely controlled by FlowWeb software with easy-to-use interface

Not sure this is the right equipment for you? Read more about bioreactor sampling here, or get in touch with us so we can discuss a solution together. You can also have a look at our equipment for biopharmaceuticals or measurement & control. 

Flownamics (http://www.flownamics.com) was founded in 1995 and since then the company develops new technologies for bioprocess sampling, automation and control. Flownamics provides high quality products that address the needs of fermentation and bioreactor operators in the biotechnology industry.



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