Peanut frying line

Fried peanuts are a very popular snack around the world. If you are looking to start a nut processing plant to capitalise on this market, maintenance of product quality is key. When frying nuts, optimal heat distribution and oil quality are the most crucial factors. A state-of-the-art fryer is needed that delivers the exact heat load needed to fry your product efficiently while maintaining its taste.

Save time, frying oil and labour costs

Kuipers’ production line for nuts and seeds is configured for optimal frying-oil handling and heat treatment resulting in the lowest possible development of Free Fatty Acids.  It is a frying oil heating system with an innovative design that uses circulating thermal oil as a heat carrier. This allows the reduction of the amount of, frying oil required to its lowest while maintaining optimal heat transfer.

The peanut frying line keeps in mind the importance of oil quality as it not only acts as the heat transfer medium but is also absorbed by your product. It is thus equipped with a unique filtration system where low heat load heat exchangers combined with constant removal of the dirt allows the quality of the frying oil to remain adequate much longer than other conventional systems. It is an automatic and continuously operating dirt scraping and removal system. Highly concentrated dirt in oil from the fryer is supplied on the filtered deck, which forms an oil bath with a paper filter as its bottom. The frying oil then passes through the filter, leaving fines and dust behind. As the layer of dirt builds upon the deck, the frying oil level rises. This triggers a level sensor which consequently starts the belt motor for a short time to release a new base of clean paper. This oil can then be used for a longer time period which saves processing costs, whereas maintains the quality of the product.

It also allows the option to heat the frying oil in the fryer with either thermal oil or electrical elements.  With a few additions, the plant can also be upgraded to produce coated and battered nuts. It can be applied for the frying of peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds, macadamias and other nuts or even seeds.


  • Save time due to low oil turnover.
  • Substantial saving in labour costs.
  • Allows continuous flow of clean oil ensuring less than 2% Free Fatty Acids.
  • Quality oil results in good quality products.
  • Turnkey delivery worldwide.

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