Pure steam sterilizer

For solid, porous and liquid containers sterilization, a reliable and well proven design using optimized saturated pure steam sterilizers.

Sterilize liquids and solids, optimizing temperature distribution and improving energy consumption.

The Inoxtorres saturated pure steam sterilizers (PSS) use a very efficient liquid ring pump to generate the chamber vacuum. Air is replaced by saturated steam, while the accumulated condensates are removed, in order to provide a perfect temperature uniformity.

Those equipment are manufactured in high quality stainless steel and satisfy the most stringent protocols. Standard models can process from 288 liters up to 8,960 liters. However, the dimensions and design configurations can be adjusted according final user needs.


  • High standing instrumentation and safety precautions
  • Optimized energy consumption and cycle time
  • Fully customisable design
  • Fulfils CE, GMP, EN-285, and other normatives

Together with RSD Engineering (www.rsd-engineering.com) Inoxtorres manufacture Ethylene Oxide, Steam and Superheated water sterilizers for pharmaceutical production plants.

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