R&D check weigher for capsules and tablets

Accurate and easy to use automatic measuring of the weight of capsules or tables at a speed of up to 3000 pieces per hour. Ideal for R&D environments.

Accurate weight monitoring of your R&D capsuling or tableting process

The CW-30 automatic weight control unit from Dott. Bonapace is a single line unit which can operate as an independent machine equipped with a product feeding hopper or it can be directly linked to a capsule filling machine or a tablet press. In fact the capsules/tablets ejected through the outfeed chute are transferred through a vacuum pipe system connection directly into the vertical feeding pipe of the check weigher ready to be positioned into the scale.

The weighing process is controlled from a PLC, making it easy to set the weight required, the maximum weight tolerance, the minimum weight tolerance. You can also set the number of out of weight products (in %) after which the machine is stopped with alarm for excess of rejects. The CW-30 automatic weight control unit will memorize the number of products processed indicating also the number of rejected products.


  • Easy to use
  • Automated process that is designed to resemble the process on production scale
  • Accurate measurement with a loading weight range from 10 mg to 120 g

Dott. Bonapace develops the best R&D capsule filling machines in the world