Recirculating batch dryer

Drying can be the most energy and time-consuming process in the food industry. This can have an effect on the quality of the produce. The batch flow technique can efficiently remove maximum amount of moisture using minimum amount of air, also saving on your energy costs.

A clean drying solution for high capacity and fast changeovers, maximising energy efficiency

The Geelen Counterflow Batch dryer is a sustainable solution which monitors the energy performance using an online energy efficiency indicator. It increases energy efficiency by 15-25% ensuring maximum amount of moisture is removed using minimum amount of air. Its drying process starts at the lowest deck and sequentially moves through the upper decks to ensure no product cross contamination. Every product batch is treated individually in separated drying zones.

The batch dryer provides excellent moisture uniformity. The amount of evaporation can be controlled on each deck by variations of the drying air volume and temperature. Unlike crossflow dryers, it incorporates an online microwave moisture sensor provides a solution of controlled and uniform moisture discharge during the process.

The recirculating batch dryer also comes in a large number of deck perforation designs suitable for drying in the pet food, aqua feed or any granular food product industry that requires the highest standards of sanitation. This includes, breakfast cereals, snack foods, coffee beans, cocoa, chocolate, breadcrumbs, couscous, fruits, vegetables and nuts. It is designed to achieve with the lowest need for cleaning and fastest cleaning times using the power of gravity flow to keep a dryer clean.


  • Significantly lower maintenance costs.
  • Increases energy efficiency by at least 15-25%, reducing energy costs.
  • Allows changing to a new product without losing any time and without cross contamination.

Geelen Counterflow exclusively designs, builds and installs counterflow dryers and coolers for feed and food products.

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