Robotic horizontal case packer

It packs a variety of packaged products directly into cases, trays, crates, and other secondary containers; ideal for bags, pouches, flow-wraps, thermo-formed containers and a variety of rigid containers such as cartons with a speed of 100 packages per minute.

Pack your products horizontally in containers

The BluePrint Automation top loader (HOP) is a versatile Robotic Cell for top-loading of secondary containers such as cases, crates and displayable cartons. The system is designed to offer you the most flexibility and versatility and is ideal for a wide variety of containers.

Some of the examples of the products suitable for packing are: Snacks, confectionery, fresh vegetables, salads, shredded cheese, sugar, coffee, nuts, spices, etc. It has a speed of up to 100 packages per minute with single indexing conveyor and up to 300 PPM with Smart-Track collation.



  • Designed to run bags and cartons on the same machine (flexible)
  • Robotic motion easily controlled through operator interface (programmable)
  • Fast and tool-less change over between horizontal and vertical patterns
  • Suitable for a variety of rigid containers

BluePrint Automation (BPA) supplies fully integrated, turnkey systems for applications to “load flexible bags and hard to handle packages into secondary containers, such as cases, trays, cartons, crates etc.” The total system takes control of the package as soon as it leaves the Form, Fill & Seal operation and can take it all the way through to (and even including) Palletizing.