Salting and flavouring unit

As competition grows, there is an increasing demand for variety and unique flavours within the snack industry.  The successful addition of salt or flavouring is determined by the precision with which the flavour is added and sticks to the product in the right amount. If you have a peanut processing plant for example, a solution is required which allows the optimal distribution of the flavours and a tasty and attractive finished product.

Achieve uniform flavour covering

Kuipers’ flavouring unit allows you to achieve a fine, even flavour covering of the entire surface of the product. The unit can be used with various types of flavours depending on demand, local tastes or customers’ preferences.  

The salting and flavouring unit offers an automatic and continuous process. It has been designed to cover the nuts with a layer of batter. The thickness of this layer depends on the composition of the batter mix. The battered peanuts will then be fried in oil, therefore must be supplied directly into a special peanut fryer which includes specific provisions inside the oil bath to transport the swimming product in a pre-set frying time. It allows the finest covering of peanuts by gradually adding the powder mix in nine steps. From the peanut dosing system, a pre-set volume of raw or predried nuts is supplied into the first compartment of the coating unit. The nuts are then rotated well which is crucial in forming the coating layer. Therefore, instead of sliding, the nuts are forced to rotate inside.

The machine is a complete stand-alone unit on a separate mainframe.  It has a flexible design with its own control board which can alternatively be connected to the main switchboard of an entire plant. It can produce up to 400 kilograms of end product per hour. Final capacity may vary depending on the batter type and the desired thickness of the layer. This machine can be used for flavouring various pelleted snacks but is especially popular in the salting and flavouring of peanuts.



  • Maintains hygiene standards with self-cleaning design.
  • Designed to assure easy continuous release to next process.
  • Flexible, stand-alone unit.

A specialist in frying and processing snacks, savouries, nuts and seeds.

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