Sampling probe for bioreactor samples

In biopharmaceutical and chemical industries, sampling is vital to develop, maintain, and improve processes. This needs to be done in aseptic conditions. The risk of contaminating either the test sample or the reactor can be eliminated by the use of a dedicated sampling probe designed to operate with the range of sample ports in use across all scales of production.

Risk-free sampling for use with bioreactor top ports

The Flownamics FISP F-Series is a dedicated sampling probe capable of withdrawing sterile, cell-free samples from fermenters and bioreactors with 12mm or 19mm top ports, from lab scale up to production scale.

FISP is a sterilizable 316 stainless steel carrier which is surrounded by a tubular, micro-porous membrane.

FISP has been designed to withstand the temperatures, pressures, and chemicals found in fermentation environments, and is perfect for use with aerobic or anaerobic bacteria, yeast, fungi, algae, insect, and mammalian cell cultures. It’s design provides risk-free sampling thanks to a sterile barrier provided by its 0.2 micron filter, and offers the flexibility of being able to be used for submerged feeding or adding sterile media.

Compatible with Clean in Place (CIP), Sterilize in Place (SIP), and autoclaving, the FISP is easy to maintain and intuitive to use, with no specialist training required.

For use in fully automated test scenarios, the FISP has been developed to work seamlessly with the Flownamics Seg-Flow range of automated samplers.


  • Risk-free sampling from any scale of bioreactor or fermenter
  • Sterile, cell-free sampling compatible with automatic sampling systems
  • CIP, SIP, and autoclave compatible for maximum flexibility
  • Designed specifically to withstand the harshest fermentation environments
  • Minimal dead volume increases accuracy and reduces flush time

Not sure this is the right equipment for you? Read more about bioreactor sampling here, or get in touch with us so we can discuss a solution together. You can also have a look at our equipment for biopharmaceuticals or measurement & control. 

Flownamics ( was founded in 1995 and since then the company develops new technologies for bioprocess sampling, automation and control. Flownamics provides high quality products that address the needs of fermentation and bioreactor operators in the biotechnology industry.



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