Saturated steam GMP laboratory autoclave

For processing a wide range of products: solid, porous and liquids in a laboratory environment.

Excellent performance for the sterilization of laboratory materials

The Sterilab autoclaves from Telstar Life-Sciences are steam sterilization units designed for processing and sterilization of a wide range of products: solid or porous products, as well as liquids: glass containers, culture media, cages, bottles, etc., also utilized for housing animals, laboratory waste, equipment and so on.

The saturated steam GMP laboratory autoclave offers a high technical performance adapted to a GMP setting in accordance with the applicable European standards: EN 285, PED, CE marking, etc.

In the biopharmaceutical industry the units are used for applications that are not necessarily GMP production related, such as decontamination processes, R&D, biological control, etc.


  • Designed for processing a wide range of products
  • High technical performance adapted to a GMP setting
  • Used for applications that are not strictly GMP production related
  • The most recognized sterilization method when dealing with non-sensitive temperature products
  • Safe and reliable construction

Telstar Life Science Solutions designs and manufactures GMP lyophilizers with integrated automatic loading/unloading systems, equipment for contamination control and production of water for injection and pure steam, moist heat autoclaves, dry heat ovens, water stills, pure steam generators, industrial down-flow booths, containment isolators and weighing cabinets.

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