Square or rectangular moulding machine for bread

Automated bread moulders should be able to form various types of dough into a range of ciabattas and baguettes. They should be able to produce Italian-style open cell structures, or closed cell, more compact textures to suit a particular customer niche in a market.

Dough Moulding Machine for Baguettes and Ciabattas

The Trivi CIA moulding machine is able to produce high quality breads using high-moisture or pre-fermented dough. Automated controls produce ciabattas and baguettes to consistent high standards reminiscent of artisanal products. Both open cell and closed cell dough textures are possible.

This machinery produces full, half, quarter, and one-eighth size baguettes with optional seeds sprinkled. Ciabatta are available fully-baked, or par-baked for freezing, while the rustic bread batons have a crunchy crust with pointed ends, but soft textures inside.

Its dough sheeters deliver excellent quality without stressing the product, while weight control devices promote weight consistency, and quality.


  • Both open cell and closed cell dough textures possible
  • Automated seed dispenser makes decorative patterns
  • Processes high-moisture and pre-fermented dough

Trivi is an Italian company specialized in the manufacturing of a full range of machinery and equipment for the production of puff pastry, croissants, pizza, breadsticks, bread, flatbread and cakes.

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