Sterile filling line for ophthalmics

Demanding very high standards, the ophthalmic market requires quality solutions for filling a large range of bottle sizes, having different capping methods, at varying speeds.

Optimize ophthalmic production with completely sterile, accurate filling and capping

The i-Dositecno XI-O is specially designed for laboratory installations and its 8 filling heads are able to dose 1 to 500 ml of ophthalmic liquids at speeds of up to 7,000 bottles per hour for bottles as small as 26 mm diameter.

Totally built in AISI 304 stainless steel, the XI-O handles all the special materials requirements for this market and can work with plastic, pre-sterilised eye-dropper bottles or full servo solutions that can be sterilised inline (with CIP/SIP equipment and H2O2) or by means of an autoclave.

Filling options include peristaltic, stainless steel rotary, ceramic rotary or CIP/SIP rotary pumps.


  • easy sterilisation using H2O2
  • no spillage of product
  • can handle aptar filtered capping
  • integrated weighing and quality control
  • satisfies pharmaceutical cGMP and FDA requirements

i-Dositecno an expert in technologies for sterile filling systems in the pharmaceutical industry.

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