Superheated water shower autoclave

Specially designed for sterilizing large batches of parenteral solutions.

Excellent temperature uniformity can be rapidly obtained in the chamber by the high volume water flow

Steridelta W autoclaves from Telstar Life-Sciences are superheated water sterilization autoclaves specially designed for sterilizing large batches of parenteral solutions. The units have a high technical performance and GMP design in accordance with the applicable European standards: PED, CE marking, etc. They have a compact, modular structure allowing for quick installation and commissioning.

In terms of effectiveness, the Superheated water shower autoclave, has been designed and constructed to enable the process to be rapidly validated and it has a reliable control system that provides a homogeneous and repeatable temperature distribution in the chamber.


  • High production capacity
  • Excellent temperature uniformity
  • Ergonomic and flexibility
  • Fully sanitary design
  • Easy to operate

Telstar Life Science Solutions designs and manufactures GMP lyophilizers with integrated automatic loading/unloading systems, equipment for contamination control and production of water for injection and pure steam, moist heat autoclaves, dry heat ovens, water stills, pure steam generators, industrial down-flow booths, containment isolators and weighing cabinets.

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