Superheated Water Sterilizer

For vials, bottles and IV bags sterilization, a reliable and well proven design using optimized superheated water sterilizers.

Sterilize liquids in their close containers, optimizing temperature distribution and ensuring no product deformation.

Inoxtorres design and manufacture superheated water chambers (LPS) for the sterilization of any liquid placed into closed containers. An optimised water recirculation system comprises an efficient centrifugal water pump and a main heat exchanger, to heat and cool the load. The process is safe and fully automated, ensuring an excellent temperature uniformity into the useful volume.

Standard designs can process 1,000 – 32,000 litre (of useful volume) or custom solutions are available. Basic configuration includes automatic door control with the ability to add automatic loading and unloading systems, pit mounting, or several other options if required.


  • Perfect temperature uniformity
  • Optimised energy consumption and cycle time
  • Full instrumentation and safety features
  • 100% customisable design
  • Fulfils CE, GMP and EN normatives

Together with RSD Engineering ( Inoxtorres manufacture Ethylene Oxide, Steam and Superheated water sterilizers for pharmaceutical production plants.