Table roller mill

Table roller mills are robust and time-proven mills for soft to medium-hard mineral raw materials and industrial bulk materials.

The advantages of the table roller mill are the simple fineness adjustment and fast product change. Table roller mills are used wherever a high degree of production flexibility is demanded.

Flexible production of large amounts of fines

The Table Roller Mill AWM from Hosokawa Alpine operate in accordance with the principle of pressure comminution, making them suitable for brittle but elastic feed products to deliver end-product fineness values of between approx. 10 µm and 100 µm.

A fundamental feature of Alpine’s table roller mill is the optimized kinematics of the grinding rollers and grinding table to permit the production of large amounts of fines

Table roller mills are used wherever a high degree of production flexibility is demanded, for example for limestone, gypsum, dolomite, talc, petroleum coke, bentonite, quick lime and so on.


  • Three grinding rollers, each with two hydraulic cylinders to generate the requisite compressive force
  • Compact design
  • Combined bevel and spur or planetary gear units for the grinding table drive
  • Highly wear-resistant construction materials for grinding table and grinding roller jacket are standard
  • Low specific grinding energy
  • Integrated air classifier with sharp top-size limitation; selection of classifier to suit the desired end-product fineness


Hosokawa Alpine ( offers comminution technology for the production of powders, particles and bulk materials: from mills and classifiers to complete turnkey systems. For R&D and laboratory applications, as well as for industrial production. Tailor-made solutions for powder and particle processing in the chemicals industry, for paints and pigments, mineral raw materials and metals, pharmaceutics and cosmetics, foodstuffs and animal feed, and for industrial recycling.

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