Table top sterile filling line for injectables

Where a compact solution is required for filling vials for the injectables market, sterile conditions and high quality metering still need to be maintained.

Space-saving fill, stop and crimp line for vials

The table top BI-I from i-Dositecno can fill sterile liquid and powders in doses from 1 to 500 mls into vials, as well as specialised micro dosing.

It can produce up to 2.000 units per hour for injectable vials from 2R to 500H as well as install rubber stoppers ranging from 12 mm to 32 mm and alu-caps 12 mm to 32 mm in size.

Filling is achieved by means of a peristaltic pump or a servo auger filler for micro dosing which can meter as little as 0.150g. Stoppers are introduced by pneumatic pick and place and alu-caps loaded by chute, with crimping performed by pneumatics.


  • holds up to 2 heads
  • can perform micro dosing
  • integrated weighing and quality control
  • easy sterilisation using H2O2
  • built to cGMP and FDA standards

i-Dositecno an expert in technologies for sterile filling systems in the pharmaceutical industry.

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