Thin film dryers

Dry dissolved or slurried crystallizing or amorphous products to a pourable powder.

Vertical or horizontal thin film drying at low temperatures

The VTA Thin film dryers can be designed as vertical or horizontal evaporators depending on the application and product properties.

Thin film dryers by VTA consist of a vertical or horizontal heated cylinder. A rotating wiper system distributes the crude product to a thin and turbulent film. The evaporation out of the product film is going on until a covering of the dried material on the evaporator wall is formed.

Glycerin Recovery, Catalyst Recovery, Organic Pigments, and “Zero Discharge” Wastewater applications are some examples of processes using thin film dryers.


  • Continuos process
  • Low evaporation temperatures within the product film
  • Short residence time
  • High evaporation rates
  • Can be combined with a column to increase the number of stages

VTA ( produces thin film and short path distillation plants at laboratory, pilot and industrial scale as well as the components of these plants

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