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Are you looking for technology to start up or upgrade your production process? Browse through our machines and equipment for the chemical industry by making the desired selection in the menu on the left. Explore our selection of mixers, dryers, filters, conveyors and other equipment or get in touch with our sales engineers straight away. We make production technology accessible.

Are you processing agrochemicals and looking for equipment to produce fertilizers or pesticides? Or are you looking for machines to process products like toner, pigment, pantones, detergent, or glues and paints? Whether you are making plastics, petrochemicals or even high purity fine chemicals we may have some solutions for your interest. We aspire to provide our clients with best-in-class technology advice, project management and service. Our engineers help production facilities to improve the quality of the end product, as well as the safety and efficiency of the production lines.

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Laboratory multi-stage distiller

Laboratory multi-stage distiller

A laboratory multi-stage distillers that combines the wiped film and short path distillation...

Long gap mill

Long gap mill

Ideal for a combined process operation where several process steps are executed simultaneously...

Hygienic hand-operated iris valve

Hygienic hand-operated iris valve

Hand-operated valves are required for the walls of clean rooms for glanding around...

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Processing machines and equipment for the chemical industry

The chemical industry processes basic raw materials such as oil, natural gas, air, water, metals, and minerals into thousands of useful chemicals products. These products include basic chemicals, commodity chemicals, polymers, fine chemicals and specialty chemicals. The manufacturing of chemical products employs a variety of processing operations such as reacting, heating, cooling, drying, coating, filtering, extracting, loading, transport, mixing and separation.

Check out our selection of processing and packaging equipment suited for diverse chemical industry applications. You will find processing equipment such as dryers, dehumidifiers, agitators, mixers, milling machines and machines for agglomeration, compaction and separation. We present filling and weighing equipment, packing machines, dosing machines and equipment for measurement and control of chemical processes. Laboratory equipment and pilot plants are also featured on our website. Browse our safety and containment solutions for handling of toxic and hazardous materials.

To be able to continue to be an inspiring conversation partner for our clients we work closely together with a select network of international partners. We are continuously on the look out to spot new trends and innovations and ensure that our engineers are periodically updated with the latest process, automation and packaging techniques in the chemical industry. We take pride in our work for a number of larger chemical production facilities such as Borsodchem in Hungary and Agrofertin the Czech and Slovak republics. We have also helped in improving logistics at large petrochemical sites such as Naftoport in Poland and at MOL in Hungary. We hope to hear from you and look forward to discussing your specific production requirements.

High Pressure Homogenization

High Pressure Homogenziation For Cell Lysis

We would like to invite you to our new WEBINAR, where we will discuss how High Pressure Homogenization can improve upon traditional cell lysis methods.   BEE International is one of...

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Piab in the nutraceutical industry

piFLOW® conveyors handle everything from bulk powders and granules to delicate tablets. Regardless of whether they are used for baking goods, confectionery, instant food, food additives or nutraceuticals, piFLOW® vacuum...

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