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We aspire to provide our clients with best-in-class technology advice, project management and service. Our engineers help production facilities to improve the quality of the end product, as well as the safety and efficiency of the production lines.

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Macro ingredient dosing system Macro ingredient dosing system

Traditional dosing systems do not have a very long operational life and are hard and expensive to maintain. If you are looking to dose your bulk products like compound feed,...

Vertical form fill seal machine Vertical form fill seal machine

There is an increasing demand for a range of different package sizes of the same product. If you are a small-scale producer working with powdery or moderately free-flowing goods, it...

Top loading arm Top loading arm

Load or unload liquids from the top of the tanks safely and securely for trucks, railcars, small or big containers, ISO containers, drums of 220 liters, etc. Safe, hassle-free loading...

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Give us a call and involve us in the process! Every production challenge is different. If we can’t help you ourselves, we will help you find the partner who can.

Our engineers help power plants, heating plants and producers of solid biomass to gain access to global expertise and state-of-the-art equipment.

To be able to continue to be an inspiring conversation partner for our clients we work closely together with a select network of international partners. We make sure our engineers are periodically trained in the latest process, packaging and automation techniques and we are continuously on the outlook to spot new trends and innovations.


Biomethane is the energy of the future

Supported by clean fuel policies and incentives, biogas and biomethane production is gaining worldwide momentum as an alternative to fossil fuels. Considered as the energy of the future, biomethane is...

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Biogas: A waste-to-energy solution

As a renewable energy, biogas is naturally produced from organic wastes such as animal manure, wastewater treatment residues, municipal and industrial food waste and sewage sludge. This waste-to-energy decomposition process...

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