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Are you looking for technology to set up or improve your food production process? Browse through our machines and equipment for foodstuffs by making the desired selection in the menu on the left. Have a look at our industrial mills, mixers and dryers or browse through our packaging solutions for wrapping, bagging or bottling your food product. We make production technology for the food industry accessible.

Whether you are into beverages, baking, brewing or even vitamin pills we may have some interesting solutions for you. We provide our clients with best-in-class technology advice, project management and service and enjoy working for a broad area of food production facilities. These include specialized producers of flavours, spices and sauces. But we also work for suppliers of instant drinks, ready-made noodles and soups and confectionery and chocolates.

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Entry level bean-to-bar machine

Entry level bean-to-bar machine

The production of high-quality chocolate from the bean can often be out of the reach of small producers, who often have had to rely on using chocolate produced by others...

Food vacuum conveyor

Food vacuum conveyor

Widely used in industries where a high rating in food quality is imperative Food vacuum conveyor transfers food material and maintains quality The piFLOW®f from Piab is a basic conveyor...

Pallet changer

Pallet changer

For turning loads and exchanging them on pallets, here is a stationary pallet changer that will load and unload pallets using a forklift. Stationary inverter/stationary pallet changer The Toppy Inverter...

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Processing and packaging technology for the food and beverage industry

Processing makes food less susceptible to spoilage, reduces risk of disease, enhances taste and texture, and simplifies marketing and distribution tasks. The sensitive nature of food products necessitates use of appropriate technology that protects the food from contamination and preserves the flavour during processing. Packaging of processed food helps preserve the product during storage and transport.

Check out our range of processing and packaging equipment suited for diverse food applications. Our industrial mixers include batch and continuous solutions such as conical screw mixers, high shear mixing systems and homogenizers. We also work with industrial kneaders, dispersers and disintegrators suitable for powder mixing, pelleted foodstuffs or even viscous foods.

For food milling, we offer a range vertical and horizontal ball mills, roll mills, hammer mills and stone mills as well as grinders, crushers and pelletizers. We also have mills specialized for certain foods such as chocolate refiners, grinders for coffee and spices and graters and cutters for nuts, vegetables and cheese.

Our mechanical and thermal drying solutions include vacuum dryers, flash dryers, belt dryers, freeze dryers, fluid bed dryers and air dehumidifiers. Examples of food packaging systems we offer include bottling equipment, bagging systems, stick pack and sachet machines, vertical form, fill and seal machines and capsule fillers.

To be able to continue to be an inspiring conversation partner for our clients, we work closely with a select network of international partners. Our engineers help production facilities to improve the quality of the end product, as well as the safety and efficiency of the production lines. We make sure our engineers are periodically trained in the latest process, packaging and automation techniques and we are continuously on the outlook to spot new trends and innovations. We hope to hear from you and look forward to discussing your specific production requirements.

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