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Are you looking for latest-generation equipment to set up or enhance your pharmaceuticals, biotechnology or cosmetics production processes? Browse through our machines and equipment for pharmaceuticals using the menu on the left. Our engineers help production facilities to improve the quality of the end product, as well as enhance the safety and efficiency of the process units. We are proud to work for internationally renowned groups such as TEVA, Sanofi Aventis, GlaxoSmithKline and Avon Cosmetics as well as local industry stars such as Gedeon Richter, Polpharma, Bell and Schwan Cosmetics.

Vekamaf has experience advising on machines and equipment across a wide range of sectors. We work with our clients to fully understand their specific requirements so that we can give impartial advice on the best technology for your application, selecting the best supplier, and ensuring the seamless integration of new equipment into your processes. Our goal is to make the latest pharmaceutical and cosmetics technology easily accessible to our clients.

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Vial filling machine

Vial filling machine

The volume filling of vials, cartridges and syringes is a vital part of...

A two-component filling application tube filler

A two-component filling application tube filler

A wide variety of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products require tube-style packaging. An...

Laboratory wiped film distiller

Laboratory wiped film distiller

Reach reliable conclusions testing the distillation of high-boiling or highly viscous material using...

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Give us a call and involve us in the process! Every production challenge is different. If we can’t help you ourselves, we will help you find the partner who can.

A wide range of technology for the pharmaceutical, biotech and cosmetics industry

Processing covers the full range of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics production. We can advise on R&D and lab scale equipment for research and pilot productions, as well as full scale continuous production machinery.

We invite you to examine our range of extraction, recovery and concentration equipment suited for diverse pharmaceutical applications. We can offer pilot distillation, evaporation and extraction equipment for natural compounds, and a series of presses and filters, dryers and dehumidifiers.

Our industrial mixers include batch and continuous solutions such as conical screw mixers, high shear mixing systems, blenders and homogenizers for liquids and powders. For pharmaceutical milling, we offer a range of impact mills, hammer mills, cone mills and specialist fine-grade pharmaceutical jet mills.

We provide advice on a range of dosage form production equipment, include capsule filling, vial and syringe filling, ophthalmic solutions and traditional tablet pressing and forming. We also help with appropriate packaging such a sealed strip and blister packaging.

For biotechnology processes, our series of bioreactors and controllers includes the latest mini bioreactors, offering a true scaled down small volume solution. Our tangential and normal flow filtration solutions offer automation and the convenience of single use flow-path components. We can also advise on a broad selection of bioprocess accessories and ancillary equipment.

Vekamaf’s engineers can provide assistance with all aspect of packing and logistics, including specialist vacuum conveyor systems for powders and granules. A wide variety of conveying, boxing, wrapping and palletising equipment is available, including specialist hygienic contained powder systems.

Finally, we can advise on environmental, safety and testing equipment such as checkweighers, fill level and contamination testers and biosafety equipment.

To be able to continue to be an inspiring conversation partner for our clients, we work closely with a select network of international partners. Our engineers help production facilities to improve the quality of the end product, as well as the safety and efficiency of the units. We make sure our engineers are periodically trained in the latest pharmaceutical and cosmetic process, packaging and automation techniques and we are continuously on the outlook to spot new trends and innovations. We hope to hear from you and look forward to discussing your specific production requirements.

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